The simplest ways to Read VIN Code

VIN code consists of unique information regarding where the vehicle was manufactured. This information is available either online or in your vehicle. VIN number check can identify your car since it is consist of the combination of letters and numbers with particular significance. They include a total of 17 characters that contain various information about your vehicle.

The simplest way to decode VIN Codevin number

The reason you may want know the easiest way you can decode VIN code:

  • First, look for a suitable fitting part based on your car build.
  • Look for importation manufacture
  • If you want to buy it, verify its build

Regardless of what kind of information you need to know about your car, be it your car’s make, or the history of its ownership, vin number check can offer all this information within a few seconds. The following are the simplest way you can use to decode VIN Code.

First step; Locate the VIN on your Vehicle 

Look for 17 character string of letters and numbers printed on various part of your car. The common places include:

  • The dashboard of your car at the bottom of the driver’s side windshield.
  • A sticker on the door side, also on the side of a driver.
  • At the block of the engine
  • At the underside of the fender or the hood, mostly spotted on new vehicles
  • Insurance cards

Second step: Look registration paperwork or the car title

  • If you are unable to find VIN number in any of those areas, then probably you can see it on your documents.
  • Use an online Interpreter.
  • Lookup the VIN through a manufacturer by visiting vehicles manufacture site and check whether they offer VIN check.

Find out about the meaning of the letters and numbers by learning how to decode the VIN number by comprehending the meaning of each set. VIN’s first character can either be the number or letter that tells the geographical origin of the vehicle. And this is precisely where the car was manufactured, but it may differ from the location of the manufacturer.

  • A to H identifies Africa
  • J to R minus O and Q means Asia
  • S to Z designates Europe
  • 1 to 5 refers to North America
  • 6 – 7 applies to Australia or New Zealand
  • 8 – 9 recognize South America


Discover the information of your car by entering VIN online. If you are curious about knowing the exact details on your vehicle, you can attempt several online sites.

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