What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching free movies online?

123 movies

It is given that free movies online that online streaming sites feature are very convenient for many because you do not have to subscribe and pay for your entertainment especially queuing in long lines to get to see a movie which is very costly.

Also, a lot of streaming sites are very accessible and are always available because of its huge demand for a lot of people, and also the internet contributed to it as well.

Online streaming sites may give you a lot of great things such as convenience and accessibility, but it also comes with its downsides that you have to know considering that there are some streaming sites that pretend to be one are actually a fake and are carrying harmful files and viruses that can ruin your computer system.

To give you more information about this, here are the advantages and disadvantages of watching free movies online courtesy of one of the most-trusted streaming sites, 123movie.


  • Cost-saver- Probably and obviously the best benefit and advantage that you can get from watching free movies online is that you do not spend money from watching it. You are not required to pay a single penny. All you need is a smartphone or a handheld device or a laptop computer that is hooked up to the internet or data connection in order for you to stream your favorite movie.
  • Huge selection of movies and TV shows- It has a wide array and tons of movies from all genres from classics to the latest blockbusters. It also includes television shows mostly are complete with all of its seasons, sports show and documentaries that can be watched with just a click away.
  • Better than cable TV- Most online movie sites provide you recommended films and television shows based on your reference and the movies that you have watched previously. Subscription rates are also very affordable compared to hooking up to cable and satellite services.

123 movies


  • Temporary contents- It may be very convenient, however, a lot of free movie streaming sites do not maintain in featuring certain movies and shows for a long period of time, and usually, these are taken down for a month or two to make way for other movies to be uploaded to the site.
  • Needs internet and data connection- You cannot watch movies if you don’t have any internet connection such as Wi-Fi and data connection. You should always get hooked up to these kinds of connections in order for you to stream your favorite movies and shows. It’s not just about internet connectivity; it needs enough Megabytes per Second (MBPS) in order for you to fully stream the movie and to prevent any buffering while watching it which is totally frustrating.
  • Compatibility issues- You might come across some streaming sites that are not compatible with your laptop computer or your smartphone which prevents you from watching your favorite movie in it.

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